American Idol 2013 Reactions: Keith is the Favorite Judge, Opening Show Rating of Season 12 Higher than “The Voice” Recent Premiere

American Idol 2013 Season 12’s opening show has Keith Urban as the favorite judge with online voting polls on showing the country singer leading at 53 percent. Nicki Minaj comes in second at 31.2 percent, and Mariah Careyranks third at 18 percent.

Mariah Carey and Keith Urban AI 2013
Mariah Carey and Keith Urban AI 2013, Image credit: American Idol

TV audiences were wondering if the two new judges, Mariah and Nicki, could work together amicably because of their previous bickering. Nicki Minaj had revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she was not really a “psycho” and that she, in fact, sings Mariah Carey’s song with her mother, every now and then.

TVLine said that although American Idol “opened to 17.9 million total viewers and a 6.0 rating,” it still has beaten the most recent premiere of “The Voice”, which stands at 12.4 million viewers and a 4.2 rating.

Reactions of Netizens from all over the globe on Twitter and Facebook were one of excitement and joy. #JudgeNicki trended as lots of Twitter peeps talked about the outspoken judge. One fan commented:

“She’s hilarious but sweet and honest :)”

“I love the new judges.”

Judge Mariah Carey was well-liked too:

“We have a legend in the panel. Obviously, Mariah carey.”


The previous American Idol contestants reacted positively. Hailey Reinhart said she loves the show, while Jessica Sanchez expressed her excitement about the contestants.

A contestant, Gurpreet Singh Sarin, which they nicknamed “The Turbanator”, was the talk of the show. He is of Indian descent, hence, his love for modern and Indian classical music. Keith Urban voted no, but Mariah, Nicki and Randy voted for him. He made it to Hollywood.

Angela Miller and Frankie Ford were also popular during the opening show of the auditions on the American Idol Season 12. Frankie Ford sang “Sweet Dreams” while Angela Miller sang “Mama Knows Best.”

Season 12 of American Idol is a show to look forward to, for sure, with the chemistry of the new judges, and the great talents aiming to make it as the American Idol for 2013.

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