American Idol 2013: Girls’ Solo Performances, Who Went on to Top 20?

The American Idol 2013 Girls Solo Performances are on and just like the boy’s performances, the girls would go solo and performed with the American Idol band. The Top 20 girls were selected and would be among the American Idol Top 40 contestants.

The girl contestants made some mistakes, such as wrong or forgotten lyrics like the boys did, but it was girl power all throughout the performances. Perhaps, this season, a girl would be crowned American Idol winner.

american idol 2012
American Idol 2012 finalists

One of the standouts from the girls is Candice Glover, who had auditioned too last year on Hollywood with none other than Season 11’s runner-up Jessica Sanchez and 8th placer DeAndre Brackensick. Shubha Vedula sings like a superstar as well. This girl has power in her vocals.

The girl contestants who made it to the Top 20 are:

  1.       Candice Glover
  2.       Jett Hermano
  3.       Jenny Beth Willis
  4.       Shubha Vedula
  5.       Isabelle Pasqualone
  6.       Kamaria Ousley
  7.       Juliana Chahayed
  8.       Breanna Steer
  9.       Angie Kristine Miller
  10.      Amber Holcomb
  11.      Tenna Torres
  12.     Adriana Latonio
  13.   Cristable Clack
  14.   Aubrey Cleland
  15.   Melinda Ademi
  16.   Janelle Arthur
  17.   Rachel Hale
  18.   Zoanette Johnson
  19.   Kree Harrison
  20.   Brandy Hotard

Who would make it to the Top 24 for the live shows? Check back for updates next week on the American Idol 2013 reality singing competitions.

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