American Idol 2012 Winner: Phillip Phillips is the New American Idol for Season 11

Phillip Phillips
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Phillip Phillips is the new American Idol! Jessica Sanchez goes home as the first runner-up.

After days of grueling practices and performances, the popular reality TV show has finally crowned its winner, and that is Phillip Phillips.

The Grand Finale performances yesterday, May 22, had it almost even with the two American Idol hopefuls. Their repertoire included the following songs:

American Idol Grand Finale song by Simon Fuller

Jessica Sanchez – “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

Phillip Phillips – “Stand By Me

American Idol Grand Finale song, contestant’s choice

Jessica Sanchez – “The Prayer

Phillip Phillips – “Movin

American Idol Grand Finale song, new single

Jessica Sanchez – “Change Nothing

Phillip Phillips – “Home

According to the American Idol 2012 judges, Jessica won the first and second round, but Phillip won the 3rd round unanimously, with his first single “Home.” He earned a standing ovation for it.

Although Phillip sang the song well, the standing ovation though, does not concern the performance but the suitability of the song to each contestant. If it was about the performance per se, then Jessica deserved a standing ovation too.

It is not fair for Jessica because it is not her fault that her song was not “suitable” for her. The American Idol judges should have judged if the Top 2 Idols had sung their assigned songs well or not. Jessica sang her song extraordinarily, hitting the high notes and all; she should have been given also a standing ovation.

Phillip Phillips had performed his song “Home” in his own “Phillip way” and it made the audience stand on their feet.

Anyway, after all that has been said and done, a new American Idol 2012 winner is proclaimed, and it is Phillip Phillips.

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