American Idol 2012 Theme for April 18: “Now & Then,” Idols Will Sing a Recent Hit Song, and a “Soul” Song

Top 7 American Idol Contestants
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The American Idol 2012 theme for April 18, 2012 is “Now & Then,” meaning the AI contestants will sing a recent 12 -yr. Billboard Hit Song” (from 2000 to 2012) and an old “Soul Song.” This was disclosed by U.S. entertainment sites, April 16, 2012.

As previously announced by Nigel Lythgoe, there will be two songs to be sung by the Top 7 American Idol 2012 contestants. This would give them more freedom to choose a song that would be appropriate for their vocal ranges and styles.

It can be recalled that Jessica Sanchez had earned the lowest votes in last week’s “shocker” American Idol Top 7 Performance Show. Although Jessica sang the song fabulously, some say AI viewers may not have related to the song and opted not to vote for her.

There are only two of the American Idol hopefuls who have never been at the bottom 3, and they are Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon. Colton was also ranked top 1 at Facebook and Twitter with the second place being contested by Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. On online polls, Joshua Ledet showed a strong standing too, coming in fourth, or within the top 4 rankings.

Many of Jessica’s fans however, revealed that they had become complacent and had not voted for the week. They have vowed to vote this week; however, for their idol. Hence, viewers could expect a frenzy of votes coming in from all American Idol fans.

Here is the Complete Song List for the theme “Now and Then” without the singers.

6 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Theme for April 18: “Now & Then,” Idols Will Sing a Recent Hit Song, and a “Soul” Song”

  1. I like jessical but to me joshua ledet should be the next american idol, so lets see that happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wont be voting for Jessica because she should have already went home, not nearly good enought to win! Go Colton and Phillip!!!

  3. Holly is the best. She as truly a pure voice and with practice and spotlight she will shine like no other. Phillips we have already had a Cocker his is just an imitation. The other truly we have seen enough. We need something like another Celine we have enough people sounding the Jennifer with techno help. If america is smart they will choose wisely and smart and enough with cracker jacks. It is time we choose real talent and that is Holly.


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