American Idol 2012 Predictions: Top 4 Finalists Based on Polls are Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet, and Phillip Phillips

Top 7 American Idol Contestants
Image Credit: American Idol/YouTube

American Idol 2012 predictions based on collated data for the Top 4 Finalists are Colton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, and Phillip Phillips.

Data coming from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter give Colton, Jessica, Joshua, and Phillips a fan base that could turn into votes. The Twitter followers and FB likes however, are based on international members, so it may not translate into votes. According to American, only areas:

“within the Continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be able to cast their votes.”

This is done through Toll-free Voting, AT&T Text Voting and Online Voting through Facebook, if you are within the aforementioned voting areas.

Although Jessica has obtained the least votes last week, probably because of her fans’ complacency.  Her fans though vowed to vote religiously in the remaining weeks.  Jessica is also leading in most independent online polls, and this fan base could allow her to remain among the Top 4 American Idol 2012 finalists.

According to, when viewers were asked the question:

“Which of the Top 7 ‘American Idol’ contestants deserve to stay in the competition?”

Out of the 2,597, Jessica got the highest votes with 24.41% (634 votes); followed by Joshua Ledet with 18.33% (476 votes), Colton Dixon 13.28% (345 votes) and Phillip Phillips with 13.13% (341 votes.)

At, the poll about the question:

“Who is the season 11 American Idol favorite?”

Jessica got the highest votes again, with 34.8 % out of 2241 votes, followed by Phillip Phillips with 18.6%, and Colton Dixon with 13.4%.

At, voted as the Most Popular was Jessica Sanchez, followed by Colton Dixon, Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet.

Based on the three sites, four names always had come up: Jessica Sanchez followed by Colton Dixon, Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet.

The inclusion of the names of these four American Idol 2012 contenders may well be a good calculated prediction of the Final Four Finalists at AI 2012.

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