American Idol 2013: How to Vote for Your American Idol Favorites

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The American Idol Season 11 has depended on public voting for the Top 20 contestants. This Season 12, for sure, American Idol fans would now be in full force in voting for their favorite contestants, if the same methods would be applied.

It has been reported though, that new voting methods might be applied for Season 12.

If the old method is applied, here are some basic facts that you should know:

Who can vote?

People within Alaska, Hawaii, Continental U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands can vote, so if you don’t live within these areas, then you can’t vote, unless you go there just to vote.

How to vote?

  • AT&T Text Voting – you could vote through your AT&T wireless subscription by texting the word “VOTE” to the four-code numbers provided for each American Idol contestant during the performance show. Don’t send your message to the toll free numbers.
  • 1-free Voting – you could vote through the toll-free numbers given for each contestant during his performance every Wednesday. Just dial the phone number for your particular American Idol favorite.
  • Online Voting – you could do this through your Facebook account. Just go to your American Idol’s Facebook page and click on “vote.” You can also vote at the American Idol’s website.

When to vote?

You can vote after the performance show. You are given at least a 2-hour period to vote for your idol. Voting closes after the Hawaiian American Idol Performance Show is done. You can see your local listings for the specific date and time in your area. Ensure that your vote is accepted by a reply message indicating that your vote was counted. If you have voted outside the “voting window” you will receive a message that your vote has not been counted. If you have voted successfully you will receive a “Thanks for voting” confirmation message.

How many times can I vote?

You can vote 50 times for each account ID, for each performance show. If you have several account IDs, then you can vote 50 times for each account.

Does it cost anything to vote?

For Online voting and 1-free voting, you don’t pay for anything. If you are asked for your credit card, you may have dialed the wrong number. For AT&T, this would depend upon your AT&T provider’s charges for each message you sent.

If you can’t go through the numbers, re-dial and make sure it is the correct number this time. Remember, you don’t pay for anything except for the AT&T method. Go, vote for your Top 5 American Idol 2012 contestant and see him/her win the championship.

Remember, this is the old method. American Idol Bigwigs may modify these steps.

For complete information of the voting procedure, you can read all the information you need are at the website

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