American Idol 2012 Spoiler: Grand Finale Songs for Jessica and Phillip

Top 2 American Idol Finalists
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Finally, the Grand Finale is here. Jessica and Phillip are ready to perform their songs. The  American Idol 2012 Grand Finale is much awaited so fasten your seat belts for a musical extravaganza you have never witnessed.

For Jessica Sanchez, her songs for the American Idol 2012 Grand Finale would be posted as it happens, so watch out for it:

  • Favorite song of the season-“The Prayer
  • Simon Fuller’s choice-I Have Nothing
  • First Single- “Change Nothing

For Phillip Phillips, his songs for the American Idol 2012 Grand Finale would be posted, as it happens, just like Jessica.

  • Favorite song of the season-Movin Out
  • Simon Fuller’s choice- “Stand by Me
  • First Single- “Home”

According to the American Idol 2012 judges, the first round went to Jessica Sanchez.

In the second round, Steven Tyler says Jessica won the second round, Idol’s Favorite song. Randy Jackson though, said it was dead even.

The third round in which the American Idol finalists sang the songs made for them, the AI judges gave a standing ovation to Phillip’s “Home,” while Jessica’s song was not so much “liked.”

The two Top 2 American Idol 2012 finalists had named their favorite performances of the season. They would “battle it out” for the American Idol title. The whole world is waiting. Who would be the winner? Check out later for more updates.

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