American Idol 2012 Finalists Updates: Idols in Disney Land; Jessica Sanchez Celebrates Birthday on August 4

The American Idol 2012 finalists visited Disney Land and had apparently enjoyed their little adventure. Jessica Sanchez tweeted:

“Went to Disney World with the other idols! Sooo much fun :)”

Heejun Han commented via his Twitter account that previously he had to   stand in line for hours just to enter Disney Land, and that no one asked him for a photograph. But now that he is Top 8 of the recently concluded American Idol, people had stopped him to ask for an autograph.

Heejun Han is, undoubtedly, the funny man of the group, making fans smile at his impish comments.

Heejun also took a picture of the American Idol boys and posted it via Twitter, with this label:

“Hate to say this, but i like these kids…#:)”

Heejun, Colton, Joshua, Phillip, DeAndre
Image Credit: Heejun Han

Elise Testone also revealed that:

“Had an awesome time at Disney World today!! Now I’m going to eat and go to bed! Goodnight my Elites!”

Meanwhile, American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, will be celebrating her birthday on August 4, 2012. For sure her loyal Blujays would make the day unforgettable for their Idol.

The Blujays had trended the activities of Jessica Sanchez, almost every day, on Twitter, with hash tags, like “Jessica Sanchez Swags in Detroit,” “Welcome Home Jessica Sanchez,” “ManilaSkypinWithJessica,” and several more interesting hash tags.

Jessica Sanchez had always interacted with her fans and showed how much she appreciated their loyalty. She spent time with her fans via Ustream and Twitter answering their questions.

Fans, who have met her in person, have only good words for her;

“If you’re a fan now, you would become more of a fan when you meet her. She’s kind, friendly and fantastic.”

“Jessica is truly a world idol. I love her.”

“She’s an amazing singer.”

Jessica, on her part, said that there were shy fans and there were those who are expressive of their admiration. Jessica reiterated that her fans are her priority.

On Saturday, August 4, 2012, Jessica Sanchez would be 17 years old. What would her boyfriend, DeAndre Brackensick, give her as a birthday present? The fans would be excited to know about it, for sure.

What would the fans prepare for their Idol? That would also be a thrilling question, which would be answered on Saturday, August 4, as Jessica Sanchez celebrates the day she was born in Chula Vista, California, 17 years ago.

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