A Request from an Avid Fan from Wyoming for Arnel Pineda and Journey to Sing “After All These Years”

A loyal fan from Cheyenne, Wyoming has posted a request on Facebook for Arnel Pineda and Journey to sing “After All These Years” in their upcoming concert on Friday, July 19, 2013 in Wyoming during the Frontier Days.

Minda Budzinak is, apparently, an avid fan and has watched the previous Journey concert last year. According to her, she waited for the legendary rock band to sing “After All These Years” but to her dismay, they did not sing her favorite song. There were many in the audience too, who had hoped the band would sing the song that topped the Adult Contemporary Chart.

People in Wyoming are, after all, country music lovers, and they love ballads too, as much as they love rock music.

She wrote on Arnel Pineda’s Facebook link, hoping the rock star could read it, but considering the hectic schedule Arnel copes up with, the message may not be read at all.

Minda Budzinak

“Arnel, since you didn’t sing “After All These Years” last year during Cheyenne Frontier Days, kindly sing it this time? My husband and I’ll be there again. Thanks in advance.”


Perhaps, if someone wrote about it as a news item, it could attract Arnel Pineda or Journey’s attention.

After All These Years” was one of the hit songs in Journey’s Revelation album but it was rarely sung during concerts. Countless of fans had expressed their desire to watch the song performed.

Another most-awaited song is the classic “Turn Down the World Tonight”. It is also not performed very often.

Paging Journey and Arnel Pineda, here’s a special request from your fan in Wyoming, could you please sing “After All These Years”?

Minda and your numerous fans would surely be so happy if their favorite song would be sung, during your concert at Wyoming’s Frontier Days.


The link of this article was posted on Arnel Pineda‘s website, and through the kindness of one of his moderators, @Fabbest, the request reached Arnel, quickly.

Arnel posted this message on his Twitter wall:


“After All These Years is so noted.the boys said yea.do watch out..”

Minda and the rest of “After All These Years” fans would be ecstatic once they get to know this extraordinary development. Journey would be singing the song on Frontier Days, and perhaps in other concerts too.

The iconic rock band’s response show that they genuinely care about their fans. Kudos to you Arnel, Neal, Jonathan Deen and Ross.

Journey rocks!

UPDATE: (after the concert)

The song  After All These Yearswas, indeed, included in Journey’s set list in Wyoming. Arnel Pineda and the band rocked Cheyenne, and, according to Mindathis is what happened.

“The song was heavily applauded. One of the women I know messaged me that her best friend hasn’t heard that song before. She thanked me for her because her friend said that if she and her long time boyfriend finally get married that she wants that song be played at their wedding.”

What wonderful turn of events. Thanks, Arnel Pineda and Journey. You have personally touched another life anew. You guys, rock!

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