Philippine Universities Ranking 2015: Angeles University Foundation (AUF) Ranked #1 in Central Luzon and #16 Nationwide

A ranking of Philippine Universities this 2015 with at least 10 board exams in the entire country has been updated and Angeles University Foundation remains to be the premier university in Central Luzon, ranking #1 among all other schools. There were 130 schools ranked against each other.


final list of top schools
top schools




Angeles University Foundation
Image credit: Angeles University Foundation


For schools outside of Metro Manila in the entire Luzon area, AUF ranked second to St Louis University (SLU), Baguio City. SLU is a prestigious school which has existed years before AUF has been established.

AUF produced several board top-notches in all courses. In the recent March 2015 Medical Technologists Licensure Exams, a graduate of AUF, Ace Pasion, has topped the exams, outranking all examinees from other schools.

According to

“The Philippine Universities Ranking is based on the aggregated passing rates of each school in all board exams that their graduates participated in. It is the first Philippine Universities Ranking that is based on relevant, up-to-date and measurable data.

There are over 60 different board exams conducted by the PRC, and we aggregated the results from those board exams, ranked each school in each board exam, and then aggregated the rankings for each school, to come up with a Weighted Board Exams Ranking for each school. Note that the ranking displayed here contains schools that were ranked in at least 10 board exams.”

For the full methodology of ranking, you can read the details at the’s website.

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