Med Tech Month: Associate Director of Calcutta Composed a Kapampangan Poem for Med Techs

Pampanga, Philippines –The Associate Director of the Ancillary Department of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center, Francis Lopez, 42, has composed a heartwarming poem in Kapampangan to honor all med techs, who are working conscientiously in this field of expertise.

Francis Lopez; the Poet and the Med Tech

Francis graduated from Angeles University Foundation and was known to be a diligent, responsible, outgoing, funny and smart student during his college days. He is married to Racquel Lopez, and they have two kids, Anton Louie and Eunice Chloe.

It’s the annual celebration of the Med Tech month this September and various events are organized to commemorate this momentous event.

Aside from the National PAMET Quiz Show, where all schools nationwide are invited to participate in, there are also school specific activities that students organize to raise awareness about the medical technology profession.

Although, Francis is currently toxic with his responsibilities, he had taken time to compose this beautiful Kapampangan poem. The med tech is also a poet. Enjoy his poem below:

Medtek ku mu?

Kasakitan delanan mu
Manibat pamagaral mu
Mikautang pengari mu
Lalu king matrikula mu

Meunyat pati utak mu
Karing pamagdemorya mu
‘Gang banyu abe libru mu
Ban mipasar board exam mu

Anya namang kapasar mu
Emu asukad tula mu
Kebat niti sinabi mu
Obra naman harapan mu

‘Neng eda balu obra mu
Kasi keta ka king lab mu
Bala da manusuk ka mu
At lulukluk luklukan mu

Kaluguran pabalu mu
Ding anemic sosopan mu
Ding atin TB lalon mu
Uli ning pamag lab test mu

E kilala obra ta mu
Kasi tahimik ta mu mu
Gagawan tang obra ta mu
Taus pusu’t isip tamu

Emu na painan ing lub mu
Lumual na ka king kuta mu
Masanting magkainge tamu
Pakilala obra tamu

E sasabyan medtek ku mu
King anggang pegdalanan mu
Masikan ikulisak mu
Medtek ku pagmaragul mu!

– Francis Lopez

med tek ku mu, poem by Francis Lopez

For anyone who wants this poem translated to English, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to oblige. We will request Francis to translate the poem, when he’s not busy with lab and administrative work.


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