Angeles University Foundation among the Top 10 Med Tech Schools in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Roman Romulo, the Chairman of the Med Tech Technical Panel of the Committee on Higher Education has disclosed the list of Top 10 Medical Technology schools in the Philippines. Angeles University Foundation (AUF) in Pampanga is among the Top 10 Med Tech Schools, ranking 8th nationwide.

During the September 2013 Licensure Exams for Med Techs, AUF has two graduates in the Top 10 examinees, Top 4 – Shara Laine Vino, and Top 6 – Judea Gonzales. The school had a 96.47% passing percentage (82 out of 85) also.

Top 10 examinees

AUF has been the center of excellence in education, not only in Central Luzon, but in the whole country, and is the first Catholic University in the region.

Here is the complete list of the Top 10 Med Tech Schools. as reported by Interaksyon:

1. Saint Louis University-Baguio City (100%)
2. Cagayan State University-Caritan (100%)
3. Velez College-Cebu City (99.32%)
4. Silliman University (98.95%)
5. University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos (98.48%)
6. Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (98.23%)
7. San Pedro College-Davao City (97.98%)
8. Angeles University Foundation (96.47%)
9. University of Santo Tomas (95.19%)
10. Trinity University of Asia-Quezon City (94.44%)

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