Reactions about “Argo” as the Best Film for Cast Performance from Screen Actors Guild Awards

“Argo” is the Best Film for Performance by a Cast from Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, January 27, 2013. The reactions moviegoers were of joy because Affleck truly deserved the awards that the film is receiving presently.

Zero Dark Thirty: Osama bin Laden’s Manhunt Tops Box Office

The “Zero Dark Thirty” film about Osama bin Laden’s manhunt has topped the Box Office this weekend, January 13. “Haunted House” and “Gangster Squad” came in next. “Zero Dark Thirty” earned $24 million, more than $18 for “Haunted House” and more than $16 million for “Gangster Squad.”

“Zero Dark Thirty” Official Trailer 5 Released (Video)

The movie “Zero Dark Thirty” has released its official trailer this December 2012, and already global audiences are thrilled of what it could offer movie viewers. Is it a genuine recount of the true story? Not many would know for sure.