Alex and Sierra Team Wins X Factor USA 2013; Jeff Gutt is Runner-Up; Carlito Olivero is Third Place

Alex and Sierra team has won X Factor USA 2013 with Jeff Gutt ending as Runner-Up, while Carlito Olivero snags 3rd place, in one of the most talented set of contestants for the Finale.

Final 2 (Top 2) X Factor USA Prediction: Alex and Sierra, Jeff Gutt to Proceed to the Finale, Carlito Olivero to be Eliminated

The Final 2 (Top 2) X Factor USA Prediction would be Alex and Sierra against Jeff Gutt for the Finale, while Carlito Olivero would be eliminated.

Fil-Am, Ellona Santiago, Makes it to Top 6 on X Factor USA; Says ‘Nothing Comes Easy;’ Would She Be the Next Winner?

Fil-Am, Ellona Santiago, One of to the Top 6 Contestants on the X Factor USA. Would she be the next X Factor winner?

Auditions for X Factor USA Season 3 Will Start on March 6, 2013

The auditions for Season 3 of the X Factor USA singing competition will start on March 6, 2013 at the Galen Center. Season 2 ended with 38-year old, country singer, Tate Stevens, proclaimed as the winner.

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