Talk with Jessica Sanchez Live on Ustream, a Rare Treat for Fans

Jessica Sanchez ‏@JessicaESanchez is live on Ustream now, May 27, 2013. She says on Twitter that she is singing for the US president tomorrow, but it’s her day off, so she’s taking advantage of it. Watch her now and talk to her.

DeAndre Brackensick Confirms “Yes, Jessica is My Girlfriend”

DeAndre Brackensick, 17, confirms “Yes, Jessica is my girlfriend,” and added, “Jessica and I are dating.” This came after Jessica revealed to her fans via Ustream that she and DeAndre were dating.

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick Dating, Reports Say

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick are dating, entertainment reports say. This stemmed when Jessica, American Idol runner-up, had a Ustream conversation with her fans just recently and was asked the question.

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick Talk to Fans via Ustream (Video)

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick had talked with their fans via Ustream. Jessica, American Idol runner-up, Joshua Ledet and DeAndre, American Idol finalists, had also visited the Universal Studios, where they enjoyed their time together. At the Universal Studios, they couldn’t resist buying straw glasses as they tweeted a picture saying they couldn’t resist buying them.

American Idol 2012 Top 10 Updates: Finalists Rehearsing for Tour; Jessica Sanchez Invites Blujays for Ustream

American Idol 2012 Top 10 Finalists are busy rehearsing for their LIVE tour. After rehearsals, they connect with fans through online social media. Jessica Sanchez took advantage of her free time to invite the Blujays for a Ustream.