Kristen Stewart‘s Cheating on Robert Pattinson Has Opened Up a Can of Worms

Kristen Stewart ‘s cheating on Robert Pattinson has opened up a can of worms, which could ruin several relationships; that is – if the personalities involved could not forgive and forget. The news is all over the Internet, and Twilight fans came to Kristen’s rescue saying the picture was photo-shopped.

Kristen Stewart Tops Glamour’s World’s Best Dressed Woman; Emma Watson Voted Second

Kristen Stewart tops Glamour’s “World’s Best Dressed Woman of 2012,” while Emma Watson was voted second.The lovely “Twilight” star was reportedly described as “effortlessly on-trend” by the UK Glamour Magazine. Victoria, singer-designer came in third, the Duchess of Cambridge, fourth and Florence Welch fifth.