Watch the Awesome Duet of Journey’s Arnel Pineda and X Factor Israel’s Winner Rose Fostanes

MANILA, Philippines – Iconic rock band Journey’s Arnel Pineda performed a duet with X Factor Israel’s Grand Winner Rose Fostanes on ASAP on April 6, 2014, which is # 1000 episode of the show. They blew the audience with “Purple Rain.”

Israeli Diva, Shiri Maimon Duets with Rose Fostanes “If I Ain’t Got You”; Shiri, Instrumental in Rose’s Win on X Factor Israel

Pinay Rose Fostanes performed a duet with Israel Diva, Shiri Maimon, with the song “If I Ain’t Got You” on the Grand Finale of X Factor Israel. The Pinay won the competition over 3 great singers.

Filipina Rose Fostanes Wins X Factor Israel Singing Competition

Pinay caregiver, Rose Fostanes, wins X Factor Israel as the reality TV show held its Grand Finals on Tuesday, January 14, 2014. She is the first winner of X Factor Israel.

Rose Fostanes Update X Factor Israel: Rose is the Only Contestant with 3 Videos out of the Top 15 Videos on X Factor Israel

Rose Fostanes update on X Factor Israel: Rose has 3 videos out of the Top 15 Videos of the X Factor Israel reality singing competition. Rose Fostanes performances of the following got her on the Top 15 videos

Filipina, Rose Fostanes , in Quarter Finals of X Factor Israel; Dazzles Audience with “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Pinay caregiver, Rose Fostanes, dazzles X Factor Israel audience with her performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the performances of the Top 7 contestants this January 5, 2014.

Rose Fostanes, Pinay in Top 7 of X Factor Israel, Says “I Love You All” and ’Thank You for Your Support”

Rose Fostanes, the Pinay in the Top 7 of X Factor Israel, says to her supporters: “I Love You All” and ’Thank You for Your Support.”

X Factor Israel Update: Rose Fostanes Advances to Top 7 with “Born This Way”

X Factor Israel Update includes Rose Fostanes advancing to the Top 7 with her song, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on Saturday, September 28, 2013.

Watch First Live Show of Rose Fostanes, Pinay Caregiver, on X Factor Israel; She Nailed “Beautiful”; Judge Rami Fortis Says “I Love You”

The First Live Show on TV of Rose Fostanes, Pinay Caregiver, as one of the Top 12 on X Factor Israel has been a resounding success – Rose nailed the “Beautiful” and was the only contestant who got a Standing Ovation from 4 Judges. Judge Rami Fortis Says “You are beautiful. I Love You.”

Updates: Rose Fostanes’ New, Swanky Look; Latest Video Features Her Way to the Live Shows on X Factor Israel

Rose Fostanes, the Filipino caregiver, who made it to the Top 12 Live Shows of X Factor, has a new video, which features her way to the Live Shows and her new, swanky look.