A Zany Cinquain from Zorlone – A Replay of His First Poems!

Oftentimes we come across someone who has real talent and we know in our hearts, we just have to share this with others – with the blogosphere. And this is one of those instances in which I was so taken by the talent of this young man – LORENZO BERNARDINO a.k.a. ZORLONE – that I … Read more A Zany Cinquain from Zorlone – A Replay of His First Poems!

A Poem For Zorlone

These are modified, related cinquains which I sincerely dedicate to Zorlone, as he had inspired me to write them. You,endowed, vacillating,upon the thresholdof the elusive muse.oblivious to everything –fettered.Realization,dawning leisurely,and the consummationof passion and desire,umbrage for losttime, chances –enlightenment Liberation,wanton, felicity,deluge of words.emancipating you from stillness,alive, flying, skies,empowering you –freedom. Write,Enthused, unceasingly,unafraid; and redeemyourself, from … Read more A Poem For Zorlone


Photoeverywhere.co.uk Vestiges of memories,some vivid, some hazy,inundates the fledgling soul,hurting so viciously. The soul searches a way out,a road to salvation,but sadly, there’s no let upfrom the onslaught of the visions. http://gewgawwritings.blogspot.com


Image from Clker.com I stare blindly at the ceiling,blinded by tears of sorrow.seeing all, but seeing nothing,unmindful of tomorrow. Where has the love gone?So professed some years ago?I hold the bundle of joy in one,grateful for the chance to glow. Go now, my beloved,follow where your heart leads you.when you reach the ‘dead end’,We are … Read more WEBS OF LOVE

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