Ben Affleck, Consistently Acknowledging Wife, Jennifer Garner, in His Victory Speeches

Ben Affleck has been consistently acknowledging his wife, Jennifer Garner, in all his victory speeches during the different awarding ceremonies. This heartfelt action made people perceive that his wife and kids were truly the driving force behind his success.

Quentin Tarantino at the Oscars 2013: “I Make Movies for Earth”

Quentin Tarantino at the Oscars 2013 during an interview said that “I make movies for Earth.” This was in reply when he was asked backstage at the Oscars whether he was aware of the impact of his movies on the world.

Samantha Barks, Eponine of “Les Miserables”, Best Dressed for the Oscars 2013?

Samantha Barks, was Eponine in the “Les Miserables” film, and looked stunning in her long, flowing, body hugging black gown; she is an early favorite as the Best Dressed Actress for the Oscars 2013.