X Factor Australia 2012: Nathaniel Willemse Awes Judges with “Red,” Judges’ Reactions

The playlist of the X Factor Australia, on October 29, was “Made in Australia,” and Nathaniel Willemse awed the judges again with the song “Red” by Daniel Merriweather. Last week Bella Ferraro and Fourtunate were at the Bottom 2, which resulted to Fourtunate being voted off after the judges’ deadlock was broken by the audience’s votes.

X Factor Australia Post Fourtunate Elimination: Theme for Week 7, October 29, is “Made in Australia”

The X Factor Australia, after Week 6 and the elimination of Fourtunate, is up in the running again for the most viewed reality TV show in Australia with its theme for Week 7, October 29, “Made in Australia.”

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