Telecine by Phenomenal Philippine Showbiz Love Team, “Guy and Pip”, to be Featured on TV5 on February 11

MANILA Philippines – A telecine by the phenomenal Philippine showbiz love team in the 1970s, “Guy and Pip”, will be featured on TV5 on February 11, 2014 at 8 pm. Guy is multi-awarded Superstar Nora Aunor and Pip is debonair Tirso Cruz III.

Derek Ramsay is Captain Kidlat, A Genuine Superhero with a Heart of Gold (Pictures)

To some people who do not know him well, Derek Ramsay is the happy-go-lucky Casanova, who breaks young girls’ hearts with indifference, allegedly leaving a trail of broken hearts behind. There is more to this handsome hunk, though, that belies his Romeo image; he has a caring and gentle heart that not everyone knows.