The Beatles 50th Anniversary Celebration in America: Beatlemania Tribute Band to Recapture Beatles’ First Concert in America 50 Years Ago

The Beatlemania Tribute Band would recapture The Beatles’ first concert in America after 50 years on Tuesday, February 11, 2014.

Remembering John Lennon and the Beatles: “Save Rock And Roll” Trends on Twitter

Remembering John Lennon and The Beatles is like walking down memory lane and recalling all those amazing Rock and Roll songs of the 20th century. Songs like “Imagine,” which remains to be popular even today.

Simon Cowell to Tate Stevens: “There’s about as much chance as you going back to your old job, as there is of me flying to the moon tomorrow”

The Top 4 X Factor USA 2012 contestants have performed this December 12, and there were good and not so good comments about the Top 4 performances. Simon Cowell said to Tate Stevens:

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