Million People March Successful; Celebrity Tweets – Anne Curtis, President Noynoy Aquino – Images and Updates

MANILA, Philippines – The Million People March in Manila and other cities in the country on Monday, August 26, has been successful, peaceful and trash-free. A reported 300,000 people gathered to express their disapproval of the Pork Barrel Funds allocated to high officials in government.

Philippines’ Celebrities Tweet about National Elections’ Endorsements and Thoughts

MANILA, Philippines – Celebrities tweeted about their endorsements and thoughts as the National Election is to be held tomorrow, Monday, May 13, 2013.

Twitter Updates Helped in Search of DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo; Reactions and Comments on Twitter and Facebook on His Demise

MANILA, Philippines – Twitter, the social micro-blogging site, has been of great help in the search for DILG Sec. Jesse M. Robredo and company. Through Twitter people came to know about other materials/divers that the search needed.

Jessica Sanchez Wants a Dream Duet with Beyonce, Jesse McCartney Wants a Duet with Her, Showbiz Personalities Who Support Her

Jessica Sanchez when asked by Hollyscoop TV who she wants to perform with, she said Beyonce. Jessica wants a dream duet with the sizzling Beyonce. Beyonce is an award winning American singer and actress, who became popular for her R&B, soul and pop songs.

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