Colton Dixon: ‘Never Gone’ Cover Contest on Facebook, Unique ‘Performance’ of Fan Gave Colton Goosebumps

Colton Dixon, American Idol season 11’s 7th placer, held a ‘Never Gone’ Cover Song Contest on Facebook, and has finally selected three finalists. The amazing ‘performance’ of mute fan gave Colton goosebumps.

Daddy’s Home, One of the Top 12 X Factor Philippines Contestants, Thanks Fans at Twitter and Facebook

Daddy’s Home, one of the Top 12 X Factor Philippines contestants, thanked fans at Twitter and Facebook for the support they have given them during the grueling and exciting judges’ home round of the competition.

Colton Dixon Sings Original Song, “Never Gone”, on American Idol 2012 Tour, Fans Loved It (Video)

Colton Dixon sang “Never Gone,” his original song on the American Idol 2012 Tour in Detroit, and the fans loved it. This was shown on video, July 6, 2012.

Top 3 Prediction, Bottom 3 Prediction, American Idol 2012

Predicting the Top 3 American Idol 2012 can be a Herculean task as established actual numbers, audience impact, and judges’ comments are no longer reliable markers for the Top 3 AI predictions.

Reactions of Colton Dixon’s Fans on Facebook and Twitter to His Elimination from American Idol 2012 Top 7

The reactions of Colton Dixon’s fans from Facebook and Twitter to his elimination from American Idol 2012 Top 7 has been of incredulity and shock, just like the Judges’ Reaction and AI contestants’.

Colton Dixon: From Lead Singer of Christian Rock Band to American Idol 2012 Champion? Watch His Progress as Top 7 Idols Get Excited with “Now and Then” Theme

Colton Dixon, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was previously the lead singer of the Messenger, a Christian Rock Band. Is he destined to become the next American Idol 2012 Champion?

Colton Dixon Gets the Highest Number of Followers and Likes in Twitter and Facebook among American Idol 2012 Contestants

Colton Dixon gets the highest number of followers and likes in Twitter and Facebook among the American Idol 2012 contestants. Would these numbers predict the final outcome of season 11 American Idol? This is a question that viewers could surely find the answer to, once the AI 2012 comes to its finale.

American Idol Season 10 will Start Online Voting through Facebook

The American Idol Season 10 will start online voting through Facebook by registering at this Tuesday. You must also have a Facebook account to vote. This was announced by American Idol, February 24.