Superman’s “Man of Steel” Breaks Box Office Records as Biggest June Opening, with More Than $113 Million

Superman’s “Man of Steel” Breaks Box Office records as the biggest June opening with more than $113 million; “Toy Story” previously held this title.

Samantha Barks, Eponine of “Les Miserables”, Best Dressed for the Oscars 2013?

Samantha Barks, was Eponine in the “Les Miserables” film, and looked stunning in her long, flowing, body hugging black gown; she is an early favorite as the Best Dressed Actress for the Oscars 2013.

Phillip Phillips’ Song, “Home”, Featured in Clint Eastwood’s New Movie Trailer “”Trouble with the Curve” (Video)

Phillip Phillips’ song, “Home”, is featured in Clint Eastwood’s new movie “Trouble with the Curve”. It is not the first time that the American Idol winner’s coronation song has been featured ostensibly; it is also the theme song of the “Fabulous Five” U.S. women gymnasts in the London Olympics.

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