Jessica Sanchez’s “Sweet Dreams” is Top 3 on the World’s Top 100 Songs, Voting Still Ongoing

Jessica Sanchez’s version of “Sweetdreams” is currently Top 3 on the World’s Top 100 Songs on the

American Idol Live Tour 2012 Update: Heejun Han, Erika Van Pelt Tour Glozell Inside the American Idol Live Tour Bus (Video)

Heejun Han, Top 9 American Idol 2012 finalist, and Erika Van Pelt, Top 10 American Idol finalist gave Glozell a tour of the American Idol Live Tour Bus. Heejun, with his usual funny man character, showed Glozell where the American Idols usually hanged out after a grueling but enjoyable performance.

“Welcome Home Jessica Sanchez” Trends Worldwide at Twitter

“Welcome Home Jessica Sanchez” trends worldwide at Twitter as Jessica prepares for her Skype Party in the Philippines on Sunday, July 29, 2012.

American Idol Live Tour 2012: Top 10 Finalists Will Perform in Key Cities in the U.S. Starting July 6

The Top 10 American Idol 2012 Finalists will perform in key cities in the U.S. starting July 6, 2012. This is the American Idol Live Tour 2012, which the finalists usually do after the conclusion of the reality singing competition.

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