American Idol Updates: Carrie Underwood at CMA Awards 2012, Colton Dixon to Tour with Third Day on “Miracle Tour”

The American Idol updates include the hosting of Carrie Underwood during the recently concluded CMA Awards 2012 (Country Music Awards 2012) on November 1, 2012, and Colton Dixon’s tour, as guest, with Third Day on their “Miracle Tour” starting February 21, 2012.

Jessica Sanchez Says “Recording Today, So Ready”

On Jessica Sanchez tweets on August 14, 2012: “Recording Today. So Ready” The American Idol runner-up seems to be busy with what her fans wish for, her recorded songs. Her songs at iTunes, seem to be increasing in sales.

The Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han Relationship, American Idol 2012’s Ice Breaker (Video)

The Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han relationship had served as an ice breaker during the intense and thrilling American Idol 2012 run. Fans uploaded YouTube videos of Phillip and Heejun’s hilarious moments, and a few even labelled them the “Phejun romance.”

Top 10 Most Viewed Videos American Idol 2012 on American Idol’s Official YouTube Channel

American Idol Season 11 has crowned its winner Phillip Phillips but fans still troop to YouTube to watch their favorites. Here are the Top 10 Most Viewed Videos 2012 on the American Idol’s official YouTube channel, which has 76,415,840 views, and 64,231 subscribers, to date, May 26, 2012, (US time.)