Black Friday Specials and Black Friday Deals – Sales

Going on a shopping spree on Black Friday? It’s Black Friday again and shoppers are on the go for best deals and discount. Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy are now rolling up their doors for frenzied shoppers who want goods worth their money. Here are Black Friday Specials and Black Friday Deals you can take … Read more Black Friday Specials and Black Friday Deals – Sales

Where to Watch or Buy, “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” The Movie

Arnel Pineda and Journey’s movie, “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” can be bought and viewed on demand on Amazon. The documentary film, which won the Best Documentary Film in Palm Springs.

Jessica Sanchez: “The Girl with the Golden Voice,” and Her Music, Now Available at Amazon

Jessica Sanchez’s music “The Girl with the Golden Voice,” Kindle edition is now available at Jessica’s fans that have been waiting for her music for so long don’t have to wait for long. Fans could now buy some of her songs from this online store. What more, shipping is free to certain parts of the globe.

Netflix Gains and Increases in Power but Sites Down

Netflix gains increase in shares and power as it was given good ratings and has acquired new rights to some video streaming. According to finance sites, the company is providing online movies to millions of subscribers which have patronized the service faithfully.
Its power is growing and has considerable effect on consumers’ choice for their movie viewing. Amazon’s recent video streaming services maybe gaining popularity but Netflix has already acquired millions of loyal users online. This is projected to even increase in the months to come.
Netflix is also constantly adding new deals with other movie companies to air their movies for its subscribers.