OPINION: Martial Law, Is It Now Justified in the Banana Republic?

Guest Post: Lester Nang Dinuguan

It disgusts and irritates me to see criminals in the government being given special treatment even after they have been proven guilty. Why should high ranking criminals be given special treatment? This is not justice;       it is a mockery of it! This may sound morbid but I would rather have corrupt government officials pay their dues in Flesh. The more you steal, the more must be ripped from your being, a pound of gold for a pound of flesh.

Martial Law

Although gold does not equal human flesh, neither does time spent in prison. Years ago I saw the prison cell of a government official on Television, complete with a living room and air conditioning unit. How are they paying for their crimes? I also saw the news of a former Governor freely being able to go in and out of prison until he was caught by the media. There is no justice in any of these circumstances.

Common thieves are made to share dirty cells with around 20 other prisoners. If a high ranking government official commits a far more heinous crime all they have to do is say they are sick and they are taken to a hospital for treatment. There are many common criminals who are dying in their cells. The only difference is that one has money to pay for medicine and the other does not. There should be no immunity to law, although it is true that high ranking officials have duties to attend to, why does the country have many senators and congressmen and board members, if they are useless in the absence of a few rotten apples? The absence of a few, because they have been sent to jail, does not give the rest an excuse to be incompetent!

Other people steal and cheat the law to survive, while hard headed citizens still vote for vote buyers, deceivers and thieves who have the purpose of only staying in power to increase the numbers in their bank accounts. The system in this country is disgusting, flat out repulsive, slow and denied by incompetent people and people who refuse to open their eyes to the truth because of their own selfish wants and longing. Some people say” Never mind if he’s corrupt he has done so much for us.” Do you even realize that they have taken much more than given? The person who gives you a satchel full of rice is taking your rice field but you are unwittingly thanking them for it?

It is a sad thought to know that there are honest people in the Government who do not deserve the criticism and disrespect meant only for the snakes among them. Transparency is difficult, sure, you can have your statement of assets and liabilities but are they being truthful about it? There is no conscience within a man possessed by Jealousy and Greed.

In other countries this is not tolerated, the investigations are thorough and are unlike the bribe infested system that plagues the country. They know that the punishment is cheap and easy to escape; they know that the judgment can be delayed; they know that the issue will be forgotten come the next Manny Pacquiao fight! They know that they can redeem themselves with sweet words when a new villain comes.

If this is the case I would rather have a death penalty on the spot implemented. Prison is no threat to a well fed snake but every threat of death makes them cower in fear. There may be no state of emergency but times like this may just need a good leader implementing a righteous act of martial law.

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