Manny Pacquiao: An Entertainment Personality in His Own Right

Manny Pacquiao is an entertainment personality in his own right. He is a superstar boxer for being the first eight-division world champion– undoubtedly – and admired by millions of fans worldwide including famous personalities.

He is an actor, a singer, a TV host, and a congressman too, in the Philippines. Is there any personality, off and on screen- around the world who matches his credentials? No one!

Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinky
Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinky

Manny is also known to be a gentle and kind person; generous with his blessings, donating to charitable institutions and giving gifts to the needy in the impoverished hometown of her wife, Jinky, in Sarangani, and in localities where people need his help the most.

Pacman, as many of his fans call him, is a renewed Christian as well, getting rid of his gambling casinos and bars, and living his daily life in prayer.

On Saturday, December 8, 2012, Manny Pacquiao would go against his genuine rival Mexican boxer Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez. It would be the fourth fight between the two warriors.

Manny Pacquiao knows he has to end the fight decisively with a knockout – to end once and for all – his rivalry with JMM.

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