Angelo Reyes Update: What if he did not commit suicide?

Angelo Reyes
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MANILA, PhilippinesAngelo Reyes, former Secretary of National Defense and AFP Chief of Staff, has been reported to have shot himself in the chest in front of his mother’s grave, Tuesday, February 8, 2011 EST.

Based on the PNP investigation, it was apparent suicide and they would finally release the results of their investigation. But some close friends said that Angelo Reyes was a strong man and it was out of character for him to do such sordid act. What if foul play was involved? There are several reasons why other people would want him silenced. Perhaps, he wanted to become a witness to a more colossal scenario of corruption, involving several top brass people in government?

Reyes died of a gunshot wound in his chest caused by a pistol. Health Secretary Ona stated in an interview that Reyes was Dead on Arrival (DOA.)

Reyes was among three generals accused by Lt. Col. George Rabusa of pocketing millions of pesos during his term as AFP chief and upon his retirement.

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