American Edward Snowden: A Patriot or a Traitor? And the First Talking Robot, Kirobo to Journey to Space on August 4

International online sites ‘discuss’ about American Edward Snowden’s asylum in other countries such as China, Russia, and Ecuador. The whistle blower about the US NSA’s alleged invasion and surveillance of private online accounts on Facebook, and other social networking sites, is reportedly abroad seeking asylum. Is he an American patriot or a traitor?

American laws would say a person is innocent until proven guilty, so no one has the right to condemn him.

Generally, it is the motivation of a person, which would determine whether his action is good or bad. Let Edward Snowden reveal his goal, and have his day in court, without any harassment from the US government, and let the world see what happens.

Edward Snowden’s father understandably declares “no”, as he seeks assistance for the safe return of his son.

The whole world is wondering how ordinary American citizens reacted to the Snowden’s leaks. Apparently, some were outraged by the invasion of their privacy, but what is the stand of the majority of Americans? Are they in favor of losing some of their privacy to ensure the safety of their families from foreign threats and terrorists’ attacks?

Or, would Americans stand by their rights to privacy – NO MATTER WHAT?

The decreasing clamor for NSA’s ‘explanation’ seems to indicate that majority of Americans still treasure their safety, while Snowden is charged by the US government with “theft of government property”, among others.

Meanwhile, in the other side of the world, the first talking robot, Kirobo, is set to journey into space on Sunday, August 4, 2013. Kirobo, who was created in Japan, would be the first talking robot to be sent to space.


KIROBO _robot_Japan
KIROBO, Image credit: ToyotaEurope


The robot is 13.4 inches in height and would be returning to earth on December 2014. Hopefully, alien creatures would not presume that Kirobo is a human species.

Japan has spearheaded several robot experiments with identical humanoids and cell-phone sized robots (telenoids) that could assist humans in their chores.

Edward Snowden and Kirobo are new inspirations (or cause for desperation?) for the 20th century man. It is now man’s choice to make it either.

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