Zero Gravity due to Planetary Alignment on January 4, 2014 is Untrue, Reports Say

A circulating post about Zero Gravity due to Planetary Alignment on January 4, 2014 is untrue, reports say. On #ZeroGDay, at 9:47 am, it is believed that the Earth would be aligned with Pluto and Jupiter and both planets would exert more gravitational force causing less gravity on Earth.

According to Urban Legends, though, it is a viral hoax and has been an April Fools Day Prank, which started in 1976.

Reportedly, Patrick Moore had announced this as an April Fools Day prank in 1976, and since then:

“It became one of the most celebrated April Fools Day hoaxes of the late 20th century.”

In 1976, some people, though, called in after Moore’s announcement claiming they had, indeed, experienced floating.

This December 2013, a similar post went viral on social media sites, and Netizens all over the world went as far as researching the timeline in their own countries that corresponds to the predicted Zero Gravity Day on January 4, at 9:47 AM GMT time.

Planetary alignment
Image credit: dazzathecameraman

In the Philippines, it would be 6:47 AM on January 5, 2014. Would people experience floating again if they did not know it was a prank? They could, because after all, the mind is the most powerful tool of mankind. Faith can move mountains.

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