Year of the Wooden Horse: Predictions for 2014

The predictions for the Year of the Wooden Horse’s this 2014 are somewhat not good for the first half of the year, but would eventually become brighter for the last half. Here are some predictions for year 2014:

  • Political unrest

It is apparent to predict that 2014 is a year of political unrest all over the world. With North Korea threatening a nuclear war with the South in which the United States is not safe, is a cause of alarm. The Spratly Islands dispute is still unresolved and may escalate in 2014. All over the world, people are standing up against their governments. Hopefully, though, peace and love may descend upon all people’s hearts and all of these would not prosper.

  • Tourism would be good business

Political unrest may occur but tourism would still be a booming business. So if you want to succeed this Year of the Wooden Horse, you could go into a business that has something to do with tourism, such as, tourists’ hotels, package tours, resto for tourists, and vacation resorts.


predictions 2014
Image credit: Rose Perrson


  • Significant advances in science and technology

Novel technology would be discovered; perhaps, a cure for cancer or AIDS; an anti-aging serum; or a lunar tour. The incredible technology presently created could become smaller, more defined and more convenient. Enterprising persons could create hand-watches that could act as cell-phones, radios, and human transporters simultaneously; all people have to do is press them and they would be transported, digitally, into another space.

  • More natural calamities

Reportedly, the first half of the Year of the Wooden Horse will not be free from natural catastrophes with the same devastating effects of Haiyan and Hurricane Katrina. Hopefully, this prediction would be untrue and these natural calamities would be minor, and that it would occur somewhere in the middle of the ocean so that it would not affect anyone.

All of these are predictions though, and they may or may not occur. It could help to be optimistic. So, brace yourselves and get ready for the Year of the Wooden Horse this 2014.

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