WWE SummerSlam Reactions, “Arrow” Star, Stephen Amell, and Neville Defeat Stardust and King Barrett in a Wrestling Match

Stephen Amell is into wrestling! But this is no surprise to his millions of fans worldwide because the “Arrow” TV series star has the built and the stamina for such a contact sport.


Stephen Amell, Image credit: Stephen Amell Twitter account


In a tag team match, Stephen Amell and Neville have put up a good fight and their nemesis had to give up. Stephen Amell is known as the “Green Arrow”, while Neville is the “Red Arrow.”

The combination of the power of the “Green Arrow” and the “Red Arrow” is just too much for the “non-arrowed” opposition.
Amell had bruises, however, on his back, but he disclosed in his Twitter account

“Worth it.”

Here are some reactions on Twitter on Stephen Amell and Neville’s win against Stardust and King Barrett.

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