Writing, Blogs, and Forums All in One Amazing Website!

When I first started writing, I had a lonely blog and I didn’t even know what a widget was or what an HTML code meant. I would not have been able to start writing my very first novel if I haven’t accidentally discovered blogging.

Slowly I learned through trial and error how to install widgets and upload pictures. I experimented on enlisting my blogs in search engines which slowly increased my page ranks.

Aside from writing for my various blogs I discovered the joy of sharing whatever I knew through writing sites , I also joined on line forums because I wanted to learn and share whatever culture and concepts we had in this part of the world. These I was able to do by joining multiple sites. Lady luck must have smiled at me because I discovered this amazing website in which I could do all of these activities and enjoy myself.

In this website, you can create your own blogs for free, and with unlimited bandwidth; you can also participate in forums, share your videos, podcasts and upload pictures. You get updated with the international news all over the world. You can participate in surveys or be a member of a particular group. What could be very fruitful is the interaction you can have with helpful members of its dynamic community, gaining friends in the process.

I tell you, it has everything just like in a one- stop- shop. You name it; they have them all in this wonderful website!

4 thoughts on “Writing, Blogs, and Forums All in One Amazing Website!”

  1. Hi Jena,
    I remembered the days when I just enjoyed lurking and commenting at everybody’s blogs and no one could get to me. Thanks to you for twisting my arms into opening a blog, I’ve met and made many friends. LOL.

    Thanks also for getting me in on all of your blogging secrets and tips.

    Kindly check your e-mail, please.


  2. sounds like an interesting site for me 😉

    you really know how to write Jena, I’m proud to be included in the list of your blogger friends.

  3. You have the remarkable writing power but it was buried in some corner and could have been brought before this world much before.

    I am happy it is always better late than never.

    I am indeed grateful to you that you have virtually dragged me into writing. I will try to do some justice with whatever constraints that I have at the moment.

  4. Hi Tasha,

    You’re welcome. I can see into the future. I see a published novelist.

    Good luck.

    Hi Roy,

    Thanks, I am proud too to be in your list. You’re a survivor!

    Hi Gopal,

    Glad you were able to drop by. I see your potential that’s why. You’re good at expressing yourself and you have good thoughts to write about too.

    Happy blogging to all and cheers.


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