Win $310 Million in Cold Cash for a “Day in the Wild with Orange Man” an Invitation for Writers

Win $310M
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The Acadecrite Company, a budding company for would be writers, is offering $310 Million tax-free to a professional or amateur writer who can spend a day (24 hours) with Orange Man

Peter Vasvovik a.k.a Orange Man lives in Taloctoc, a far flung village in Tanudan. This International Writing Contest is named “A Day in the Wild with Orange Man.”

The company disclosed the rules of the contest:

1.      Only those who have a passion for writing should apply. All nationalities invited.

2.      The writer should be at least 18-59 yrs. Old.

3.      Only 12 writers will be accepted. Initial screening will be done online with impromptu and brief articles.

4.      If accepted to the magic twelve, writer should bring writing paraphernalia, which could survive the jungle. (waterproof paper, indelible ink. Etc) This is because while the day progresses, an hour by hour collection of write-ups about Orange Man will be required from each writer.

5.      There are no rules for the write-ups. Writers are required to spend the full 24 hours with Orange Man and write a minute by minute story, write-up, briefs, and news written coverage or any article format, about the time spent with him.

6.      A courier will collect the written coverage every hour.

7.      There will be consolation prizes of $10M for every “Hour-Winner.” The writer with the highest accumulated average of all the 24 Phases will win the Jackpot of $310M.

8.      Prizes will be awarded right after the contest.

9.      All writers are invited except relatives up to the second degree of relationship with personnel working for AcadeEcrite Company.

Interested writers can submit a one-paragraph description of themselves in the comment portion below or send an email to

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