Will it be Joshua & Jessica on the Top 2 Finale of American Idol Season 11?

Joshua & Jessica
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The finale of American Idol Season 11 will be on May 23, 2012. Would it be a Joshua & Jessica Top 2 finale or a Hollie & Phillip finale?

Based on the weekly results, Phillip Phillips has never been in the Bottom 3. This is a good indication that he would be safe again on May 10. Remember though, that there were shocking results this season like Jessica Sanchez’s near elimination and Colton Dixon being voted out.

Even Skylar Laine’s elimination was also unexpected by many American Idol viewers. What if Phillip Phillips was sent home on May 10?

A finale with Hollie & Phillip, between Phillip and Joshua, or Joshua and Hollie or Hollie and Jessica is most unlikely, unless trends are tampered with.

As Kim Kardashian’s biggest fan tweeted.

Most probably, the Top 2 American Idol Finale would be between Jessica and Joshua. Who’s your bet?

2 thoughts on “Will it be Joshua & Jessica on the Top 2 Finale of American Idol Season 11?”

  1. That would be a lot of fireworks if that happens…Jessica vs. Joshua would really excite a lot of people around the world and that would be talent vs. talent… that would be a rare event on AI championship night. The last time that happened was David vs. David. This Season 11 is better I think and that would be a very good finals. We hope that would happen. Hopefully it’s Jessica who wins because not only does she have the best vocals whether in vocal range, technical ability, perfect pitch or power belting…she’s also the “Total Package” of unbelievable raw talent, looks, style, stage presence, versatility, marketability and good wholesome personality. Also, a female has to win because there were stronger women this top 12 compared to any other AI top 12 and hopefully, Jessica breaks the WGWG syndrome for a while now.

  2. If there are enough indignant musical pursists who decide to take action and acutally vote at the end of May 9th’s AI edition (and somehow manage to outvote the Phillip Phillips – hypnotized tween nation) then behave likewise next week, Richard’s earlier musings just may become reality.

    JSan’s hyphenated ethnicity is Mexican-Philippine but she was born on U.S. soil and is therefore a full blooded American. Voters voting for sheer talent should be enough to catapult JSan to the finals but that voting block does not seem so dependable as she was almost sent prematurely packing just a few weeks ago. If the Mexican-American and the Philippine-American vote actually materialize as they clearly need to for the next three weeks, JSan would be given a chance to thrill all of North America and a little bit of Asia on that final night of AI’s 2012 edition.


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