Why Did AKA JAM Get the Lowest No. of Votes on X Factor Philippines? What’s in Store for the Top 9?

X Factor Philippines
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Why did AKA JAM get the lowest no. of votes on X Factor Philippines? The answer is evident – their fans may have been too confident and did not feel the need to vote for them.

It was a shocking revelation because AKA JAM was an early favorite, just like KZ Tandingan. The incident could serve as a reminder for fans not to be complacent about their contestant’s standing; they should make an effort to vote for their candidates if they want them to win.

On Saturday, August 25, 2012, another showdown would occur between the Top 9 candidates. The contest gets tougher, and the pressure heats up as contestants know they have to outperform each other. The reality TV show is similar to the “Hunger Games” where the toughest would emerge the winner.

The remaining Top 9 X Factor Philippines contestants are:

For Boys

  1. Jeric Medina
  2. Gabriel Maturan
  3. Kedebon Colim

For Girls

  1. KZ Tandingan
  2. Allen Jane Sta. Maria

For Groups

  2. Daddy’s Home

For Over 25

  1. Modesto Taran
  2. Joan Da

Who would go home on Sunday, August 26, 2012? Would there be another shocking elimination? Check back for updates tomorrow about the X Factor Philippines Reality TV Show.

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