What Web Hosting Is All About and What It Can Do For You

I discovered blogging accidentally when I was researching in the internet about a dissertation I was working on entitled: Web Based Instructional Materials.

Since English is my second language, I had a hard time doing this. I did not even know what blogging was all about; more so with related terms like HTML, XML, widgets, URLs. It was a new world for me (I wrote about this in a previous post).

Through trial and error I learned about blogging, and I would like to think I had graduated from the rudiments of blogging as presently I am looking into web hosting, owning my own domain, and having my own domain name.

Web Hosting is defined as creating your own domain name and allowing a second party to host your site or blog. You have to let someone host your site because you do not have the access to the internet unless you have a server and the technical gizmos of owning a “space” .

Photo by Tim Dorr

Web hosting can come in a variety of styles. We have the free web hosting which is apparently what I am using now. We have also the multiple domain hosting, in which you can employ one web host or several web hosts for your sites, and many more.

You should know the basics of web hosting and know exactly what you want your site to achieve, so you could select an appropriate web host and hosting style.

You should also have to make sure that your web host is a reliable host, and could help you in the technical aspect of your site, an example is interworx which could provide you with this and many more.

There are those web host sites that would lend you a helping hand when you need it, and there are those which leave you on your own. You have to be aware of all their terms and conditions before you decide to sign in.

Web hosting has paved the way for small bloggers to be able to have their sites accessed by people using the internet. Without it, blogging would not have been possible and I would not be here with you sharing all these. Happy web hosting!

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