What to Do When the Person You Love Doesn’t Like You

Guest Post on Relationship Tips by: Mystique Lady

Sometimes the person you love may not like you. It happens. This may be the case with your boyfriend. He loves you but he doesn’t like you. That is the reason why he broke up with you. It is a conundrum that could assail any relationship. Before you proceed with your plan however, you have to change your behavior and be likable. If you want to know how to make him like you, you should be willing to do some self-retrospection and determine what is not likable in you. You can ask your boyfriend – outright – what he does not want in you.
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To be likable, you can start by doing things that could make him like you. Perhaps you could begin with your language. Learn how to say sweet things to your boyfriend that could alter his perception of you. How to make him like you can be tedious, but if you show how important he is to you, and always be sensitive to his needs, then there is still hope for reconciliation. Let him understand that you are willing to change for him.

Your affectionate ways can mend your relationship. How to make your boyfriend want you back can be accomplished by improving yourself and changing for the better. You can go out on a date again and show him the new you.

Use your charm

Be conscious of your appearance every time you see each other. Flash that charming smile you never had displayed before because you were always grouchy. Learn how to make him want you back by becoming kind and helpful. Aside from a change of your character you can also change your external appearance. Organizing your life is one step that could show him you love him.

Express your feelings

You have to express your feelings in a way that he can understand and not think that you are cheap. How to make your ex boyfriend want you back can be quite difficult so be patient. This would show him that you are a thoughtful and caring person. It could also mean sharing with him the remarkable moments between the two of you in the past. This would demonstrate that you are also a person who treasures memories. It can be difficult if you have no concrete plans to follow.

Assure him of your love

Being sincere in every word you say would be one effective method. Stay loyal and faithful to him. Being thoughtful and patient is also a tested method on making him want you back. Let him know that you have re-packaged yourself and that you are now a likable person that he can be proud of.

The catch is this: If he truly loves you, then he would like all that you are; with all your imperfections and defects.

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