What Does US President Obama’s Visit to the Philippines Indicate?

MANILA, Philippines – As a longtime ally of the Philippines, the visit of US President Obama would apparently be construed as support and confirmation of existing friendly ties. While majority would understandably presume this fact, politicians should remember that the US president has never supported aggression or war.


US President Barack Obama
US President Barack Obama


In case of an armed conflict, the US would not send in their troops or planes, with a flick of a finger, to fight the Philippines’ war. Hence, the Philippine president should exercise diplomacy and tact to deal with foreign aggressors, because big brother would not come to the rescue with blazing guns.

Some extreme leftist movements would also try to express their displeasure about the thought of Uncle Sam’s soldiers visiting Philippine shores again. Although there were some “war games” done before, the leftists are wary that US soldiers would re-establish, anew, their stronghold in the Philippines. The irony of this is that some of these protesters are wearing US made items and enjoying US made goods. That is hypocrisy at its best.

What does US President Obama’s visit to the Philippines indicate?

It could be a call for peace in the region, so that the Philippine president Noynoy Aquino would be level-headed in dealing with territorial disputes.

Perhaps, it would also indicate that the US president wants to know what happened with the billions of dollars donated by the world for the Haiyan victims?

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