Weekend Box-Office Standing: “Despicable Me 2,” #1, “Grown Ups 2,”#2 and “Pacific Rim,” #3, Reports Say

The weekend opening Box-Office standing showed that the animated film, “Despicable Me 2,” came in first with “Grown Ups 2” in second place and “Pacific Rim” in third place.

Reportedly, the Box Office reports revealed an opening haul of $44.8 million, $42.5-million and $38.3-million, respectively.

Perhaps, “Despicable Me 2” earned the top slot because, aside from being done meticulously, children had to bring adults with them and that adds up to the numbers.

Despicable Me 2

As for “Grown Ups 2”, people just need a good laugh at the end of a hectic week, and this hilarious movie gave it to them. The adults had never grown up, so to speak.

Despicable Me 2″ is a comedy film too, so it is, undoubtedly, for the whole family. It has been rated 89% by viewers at Rottentomatoes.com

Pacific Rim“, the Guillermo del Toro’s much-talked about film, may have moviegoers comparing it similar sci-fi movies like “Transformers”.

For the gross earnings in the Box-Office, check back later for developments.

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