“We Are the World” for Philippines [TYPHOON HAIYAN] Video Goes Viral

A YouTube video edited and entitled “We Are The World” for Philippines [TYPHOON HAIYAN] goes viral with 1,436,452 hits to date, since its publication last November 13, 2013.


The video was originally intended for Haiti. The uploader, Kevin Ayson, disclosed that:

“This video is edited as a simple way to give thanks to all the nations who helped the Philippines.”

“Share the story of kindness, generosity and humanity of all the nations who choose to help the Filipinos – Their deeds will be forever written in the heart of the Filipinos.”

The video shows scenes from the Visayas, which were ravaged by super typhoon Yolanda (TS Haiyan.)

We Are The World for Philippines [TYPHOON HAIYAN]

Video credit: Kevin Ayson /YouTube

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