Watch Brave Motherduckers: New YouTube Sensation

The Brave Motherduckers is the new YouTube sensation this Monday, May 13, 2013. The video is about a mother duckling and her baby ducklings as they attempted to jump more than 2-feet high from the ground.

There are already 199,079 hits from viewers with comments exclaiming how adorable they were. There were a few people who took videos and watched how the baby ducklings made it through jumping the high pavement into the side walk.

plastic ducks, Image credit: Ma.R.Perrson

One baby duckling seemed to buckle under its feet as it wobbled after it jumped from the high pavement. But after a few seconds, it staggered to its feet and ran after its mother.

Eventually, they were all able to jump off and join their mother who was already strutting forward to the other side, the Brave Motherduckers

Brave Motherduckers

Video credit: Jenny Pan/YouTube

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