Was Ariella Arida “Robbed” of the Miss Universe Crown? Netizens’ Reactions; Celebrities’ Reactions

Was Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida “robbed” of the Miss Universe Crown? Although, many accepted the defeat graciously, some Netizens’ reactions indicate that they believed Miss Philippines was robbed of the victory.

Their rationale was that she did well in all the categories, as evidenced by these articles. Reportedly, she got the highest score in the swimsuit category.

Miss Philippines-Universe-Ariella-Arida-reaction
Image credit: Noel Cuenca/Twitter @totoheart

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Here are some tweets on Twitter:

“It should’ve have been 1)Philippines, 2)Spain, 3)Ecuador, 4)Venezuela, 5) Brazil. “

“Miss Philippines should win because she was the only chick who answered the question correctly.

There are several tweets of the same nature, expressing their disappointment with the Miss Universe 2013 results.

Below are some celebrities’ reactions:

Miss Philippines-Universe-Ariella-Arida-reactions

Miss Philippines-Universe-Ariella-Arida-reactions

Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida’s answer to the questions for the Top 5, was excellent, and appropriate; the only answer among the Top 5 that directly answered the question.

No matter what, Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida, is still the Miss Universe winner in some Netizens’ hearts, especially in most Filipinos’ hearts – celebrity or not.

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