Vhong Navarro Mauling Update: NBI Says Condo’s CCTV Camera Favors Vhong Navarro’s Testimony; Watch Actual Footage

MANILA, Philippines – The Condo’s CCTV camera has favored Vhong Navarro’s testimony. This has been discovered when the NBI evaluated the events as seen on the CCTV.

Actor-TV host Vhong Navarro has already filed a series of cases, including serious illegal detention, grave threats, blackmail, and serious physical injuries, against Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, et al based on the strong evidence the NBI has gathered.

Condo's CCTV Vhong Navarro Mauling

Majority of Netizens believe Vhong because one can witness his sincerity through his testimony, while Deniece and Cedric seem to be fidgety and nervous. Their dialogues appear scripted, as well. The CCTV has also proven that Vhong Navarro was telling the truth.

The NBI belies Cedric Lee’s claim that he caught Navarro on top of Deniece Cornejo, naked, because the CCTV showed that Deniece Cornejo left the room when Cedric Lee arrived; meaning, it was physically impossible for Deniece to be inside the room.

Reportedly, Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo have booked a flight to Singapore via PAL flight PR 503 which is scheduled to leave on February 6 at 7:55 a.m. Concerned people are fearful that the primary persons responsible for the actor’s mauling may be able to escape arrest if the DOJ would not issue a Watch List Order or Hold Departure Order.

Watch below the Condo’s CCTV, courtesy of GMA 7.

CCTV of Vhong Navarro- Deniece Cornejo Case

Video credit: GMA Pinoy Tv /YouTube

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