US Troops from All over the World Greet Their Families Happy Holidays; President Obama Greets Troops

US troops all over the world extend their Holiday greetings to their families and friends. A touching gesture that is heartwarming to people around the world.

In any part of the world, men in uniform are sometimes forgotten as they fought the hard battle of keeping peace and safety of their citizenry. This excludes the few scalawags in uniform.

Holiday Greetings from US Troops
Image credit: TheWeatherChannel video grab

Holiday Greetings from Troops All Over the World

Video credit: TheWeatherChannel/YouTube

A father greeting his newborn baby from Afghanistan will always bring a tear to one’s eye and a lump in one’s throat.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, greeted and thanked the troops this holiday season, as well,

‘…for their service and sacrifice.’

US President Obama and FL Michelle Greet Troops

Video credit: DODvClips/YouTube

To all local and foreign troops, Happy Holidays! May the New Year bring peace, love, and happiness to you and your families.

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