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Are you a new writer,  an amateur photo journalist, or a seasoned writer who want to get published online?  Do you have a video that you want the world to see, but don’t have any knowledge of how you can publish your original  photographs, videos or documentaries in the internet?  Try becoming a member of

What is

This is a site run by Stanza Ltd., a private firm from Tel Aviv.  It is a site where members can publish their original articles or compositions, pictures, and videos.  They let you publish your original work while they take care of  the financial aspect,  the marketing and advertisement, the technical problems, as well as the operational aspect of publishing.

How can you become a member?

Its easy as counting 1,2,3.  Just click on to their website and fill-up and submit your membership form. They may require some information to verify or to establish your personality so be ready with information needed.

What are the advantages of becoming a member of

Membership in is Free.

Once you are a member of you are backed by professionals who are experts in marketing, operation, financial and technical management.  This means you no longer have to wrestle with problems regarding those concerns.  Thereby giving you more time to do what you love best – writing, composing, filming or documenting. puts your original work in a network of sites with viewers and readers all over the world.

With you are able to showcase your creativity. Your original works gets increasing viewers everyday.  They put your articles and creations in appropriate websites and this create greater readership.

You are assured of receiving feedbacks on your work as well as comments and advises by fellow writers.

You earn income from your original creations. gives back 50% of the income generated by your original work.  They even pay you monthly, through your Paypal account.

You get recognition for your creations. assist you showcase your original work, that way you get more people to read or view your work or creation.

You get to publish your original work with you as the author.

You have a well informed, professional assistance center backing you up. put appropriate advertisements on your original work which can generate more income for you.

So if you are intending to publish your original creations try it makes a lot of difference.  Let more people know, publish with

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