Transparent Texting for ‘Wexters’, iPhones for People who Walk and Text

Reportedly, Apple has something incredible updates about iPhone users, the Transparent Texting. The company has filed a patent in 2012 and online reports revealed that “wexters”, people who walk and text may now be able to do so, if Apple goes ahead with the development of its patent.

Transparent Texting, Image credit:

If this happens, then perhaps it would be with the iPhone 6. The transparent texting would make use of ‘a rear-view live camera’, which would allow the ‘wexter’ to be able to see things around him and avoid dangerous accidents, such as collisions, stumbles, slips and other dangerous mishaps.

While some quarters are not thrilled about walking and texting because of the increasing accidents related to the activity, a number of people are excited to test the upcoming technology. Some also expressed their preference for the use of voice-commands or ear phones.

If people can text while they walk, they may rarely look up from their phones, diminishing eye to eye contact and thereby, human interaction.

Are you a wexter? Would you order iPhone 6 with Transparent Texting? Check back later for updates.


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